Time to Part Ways


He is a great guy and I had my ups and downs with him but I hope to see him get his rank back. He is a great guy and he would do nothing to harm the sever so I hope he gets it back.


Moxxi did some stuff he was accused of. He didn't do some of the stuff people say he did. If you were is his group he was nice if not he mostly ignores you. You get the good and the bad when you have someone in such a high position. It was just a balance and the executive team must have seen the balance go the wrong way.
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Wow.... Moxxi even when me and him had a really bad time on the ARK Server i never hated him anyone who hated him was petty he was a good owner he was strict i respected that he may of been abit rocky at times but he was a good funny and most of the time respectful guy
This is too bad I've had nothing but good experiences with Moxxi especially when working on Star Wars Sagas with you guys, I've only seem him abuse to a degree but nothing to the extremes that most people say he does

Regardless its a new start for the staff team so good luck to all of ya