A message to Reborn Gaming



This honestly came as a shock to me, and I'm sure it came as a shock to others as well. That being said, everyone eventually finds their own path in life, seeking opportunities and change in life. That's just how it works, and I guess it's time you went on your way for bigger and better things. Don't be sorry for breaking the statement that you'd always be here till the end. It might be sad, but opportunity and life are calling (also shows that Reborn has been here for quite a while!)

You've always been, in my opinion, the most honest, always mature, and balanced founder. I remember meeting you guys for the first time. I rarely saw you out of the three founders, but whenever I did, you were always the one to keep everything under control. When I became staff for the first time, you were the one that told me to get my shit together and fix the way I was doing things. I honestly appreciate you for that, I wouldn't be where I am today without that intervention. I'm sorry for the tough shit you went through that influenced you to get here, but I, along with many others in the Reborn community, are happy you found your way to Garry's Mod and founded Reborn. It just wouldn't be the same if you weren't here. And it definitely won't be now.

But to the Reborn Community, Miles demonstrates and makes a good point. We don't always have to be bashing each other in, even if it's considered as roleplay. We can all get along, do our things together, being considerate of the lives we all have. Every single one of us is different, we all have our own stories. Miles has had a long journey, and we all appreciate it in the end, so why can't we appreciate our journeys as we take them?

You've done so much for this community, Miles. Don't be sorry at all for leaving. Just take the opportunities life hands you, and make the most out of them.

Those who leave in a peaceful manner will always be welcome back.


Through some times I have played on the server. I have uh, never met someone as understanding as you. You have always been, a outstanding person. Every time I would seem bored or something I would join in ts, and talk with ya a bit. Honestly man, I’m gonna miss ya no lie. Really wish I didn’t so many resign threads. Honestly sometimes I dread coming onto the forums now. But this was the worst thread I have seen so far. Thank you for saving my ass sometimes, hate you had to sign off one last time, big chief, we’ll catch ya later -
Never really talked to you, doubt you know me, but I’m my own opinion you and croc are some of the only things keeping this server together. It’s quite sad to see you go, I will still love your memes, gl with everything.
It's sad to see you go and as much as I want you to stay, I know it's for your own good. I hope you have a good one and you end up doing something you enjoy in life. Maybe even stream again. Just once? You will be missed.