A message to Reborn Gaming

Escaping from the problems in my life... damn that hits home. That's what I was doing here since day one.

I always admired you, you were the founder who set the highest example for me, you mediated between a lot of staff disputes and disagreements (most notably Shepard and Moxxi way back when), never gave into pressure, and I saw you as always calm and composed when everyone else wasn't. I wasn't there for when you were the first Emperor of the Sith but that would have been great, (To not just see Moxxi as Emperor from the start and for months and months after.)

I hope you can get on the right track with your life and face your problems. After doing just that I feel like I actually have a future, and some hope for myself.


Never got to actually say it but goodbye my friend, you ever want to come back you'll always have a home. Hope to still talk to ya sometimes