A message to Reborn Gaming


I'll never make you stay if you can't do it, but god will I miss you. Hopefully you'll still be in Teamspeak and bothering us. Keep in touch bro, don't leave us alltogether. If you ever want to play other games let me know I don't need you leaving me like this.



I'm really sad about this, I always admired you and really enjoyed speaking with you. But I'm not a great wordsmith, so I'll wrap this up. Miles, you are right, you will always be a founder, but you will also always be so much more than that. Good luck my friend, keep in touch


I’m very sad to see you leave.. I know we didn’t talk much but you were a great person!
You helped me a ton!

You will be forever missed :( Hopefully you come back sometime! I promise reborn will still be here >:
Known ya for a few years. We werent close but we talked a good bit whenever I actually had internet access. You were the reason I tried to become a better person 2 years ago miles. For whatever you are going through, and whayever plans you have for the future, I wish you the best. And know that the reborn community is always here for you, if you need us.


Back When Reborn Was Good
I didn't know you for very long, but I'm glad I met you. Playing civ with you was great, you shed a light on the best the community had to offer. I hate to see you go.

Oat man

It really sad to see you go you are a amazing guy and it was nice every time I talked to you even if it wasn't a lot and only for a little bit
There will always been a piece of reborn missing without you
I hope maybe someday you can make reborn whole again if you come back