Caitlyns Goodbye


I still stick to the idea that no matter who hated me I did a better job than most staff and "fathers" of said community. Genuinely tried my best even with the number of people that gave me trouble. Since I left the server and staff I've learned a lot of helpful lessons when it comes to dealing with people who don't like you or talk shit about you. It made me a lot more positive with myself and friends around me.

When it comes to people who don't like me I'm open to them DMing me and talking about it. For those who don't try to take that route and just "hate" are irrelevant to me.

its a bit funny how people can obsess over me so much, people who talk about me as much as they do just make me more relevant and give me power over themselves without me even being there.
Yea, Ill admit i was sorta in the hate mob at first, but I got overmyself when I realized you were gonna be sticking around. No reason to lose sleep or hold any ill feelings to someone who had never wronged me. Especially when that person was one of my friend's signifigant other. While you were staff I dont know if I ever saw you instigate a conflict, more just defending yourself even if sometimes it was a little over the top. Still a mother in law tho, you married into the family after the child was born from the wombs of 3 passionate (gay?) men