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   Avus Rann
   Titus Bor
  • Ace Dovaro
    The Seventh Emperor
    The Swift
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Born: Unknown
    Died: 9 AFE, Korriban
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Family: Unknown
    Faction: Sith Empire
    Master(s): Unknown
    Apprentice(s): Unknown

    Emperor Ace Dovaro, recognized as the seventh Sith Emperor to rule in the post-Sith Triumvirate era, played a significant role in the ever-shifting power dynamics within the Sith Empire. His ascension to power, marked by both martial prowess and ambition, occurred after the overthrow of Emperor Azrael and the subsequent assassination of his successor. During his reign, Emperor Ace sought to reinvigorate the Sith Empire, emphasizing decisive leadership and eschewing the strict Imperial customs enforced by his predecessors.

    Early Life and Rise to Power

    Ace Dovaro began his journey within the Sith ranks as a distinguished Dark Councillor, commanding respect for his exceptional skills with a blade and unmatched speed. Serving on the Dark Council without direct organizational allegiance, his dedication and authority earned him a prominent position among the Sith elite. Ace's ambition and skill culminated in his victory in the Wrath tournament, briefly granting him the title of Emperor's Wrath under Emperor Opal.

    Ascension to the Throne and Ideals

    The reign of Emperor Azrael troubled many within the Sith Empire due to what was perceived as a lack of purpose and decisive direction. This concern for the empire's future prompted Ace Dovaro to take action and challenge Azrael's reign. In a fateful confrontation, Ace emerged victorious and claimed the Sith Throne, adopting the title of Sith Emperor. He justified his actions by citing the need for renewed vision and effective leadership, disapproving of the previous emperor's approach.

    In an act that characterized his reign, Ace swiftly abolished the strict Imperial etiquette enforced by Azrael and Stosan. This move aimed to foster a more flexible and adaptable Sith Empire, free from the constraints of rigid traditions.

    Reforms and Leadership

    Emperor Ace Dovaro's reign was marked by a period of change and reevaluation. He sought to revitalize the Sith Empire, focusing on purposeful and effective leadership. Despite facing internal challenges, his leadership emphasized martial strength, strategic acumen, and a forward-looking approach to galactic affairs.

    Downfall and Succession

    Despite his efforts to steer the Sith Empire into a new era, Emperor Ace Dovaro's reign was brought to an end by Emperor's Voice Titus Bor, an ambitious figure who had long considered himself a more worthy claimant to the throne. Bor's uprising resulted in the downfall of Ace and the beginning of a new chapter for the Sith Empire.


    Emperor Ace Dovaro's legacy remains a subject of debate and analysis within the Sith Empire. While his reign brought about notable changes and a redirection of the empire's trajectory, his relatively short time on the throne left room for interpretation regarding the lasting impact of his reforms and policies. Despite his overthrow, Ace's influence on subsequent Sith leaders and the ongoing evolution of Sith governance within the galaxy should not be underestimated.