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    The Conciliator

    Grandmaster Poloz served as the fourth Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, a dedicated Jedi Master Sentinel known for his unwavering commitment to the principles of the Order. His tenure marked a pivotal period in the Order's history, characterized by both challenges and aspirations. This article delves into the various aspects of his life, leadership, and lasting legacy within the Jedi Order.

    Early Life and Dedication to the Jedi Way

    Poloz's journey in the Jedi Order commenced with his unwavering dedication to its tenets and ideals. As a Master Sentinel, he honed his skills, becoming a proficient guardian of knowledge and peace within the galaxy.

    Service as Chief of Security

    Poloz's contributions extended to the Jedi Council, where he served as the Chief of Security. In this role, he acted as the Jedi Council representative for the Temple Guards, ensuring the safety and security of the Jedi Temple. His commitment to the Order's protection was a testament to his devotion to the Jedi cause.

    Role in the Second Jedi Civil War

    During the tumultuous era of the Second Jedi Civil War, Poloz, alongside the majority of the Council, including Grandmaster Zil, remained passive observers as conflict raged within the Order. The war saw the rift between Barsen'Thor Ako and Grandmaster Zil, which threatened to divide the Order further.

    The Vote for a New Grandmaster

    In the aftermath of the Second Jedi Civil War, the Order faced the task of selecting a new Grandmaster. Poloz was among the eligible candidates, alongside prominent figures like Korvas and Dilbo. In a closely contested vote, Dilbo initially garnered significant support. However, as troopers and Order members rallied behind Poloz's candidacy, he secured the supermajority required to become Grandmaster.

    Leadership and Challenges

    Poloz assumed the mantle of Grandmaster during a challenging period for the Jedi Order. His leadership was marked by early challenges from those within the Order who aspired to the position of Grandmaster. Despite these internal struggles, Poloz worked tirelessly to rejuvenate the Order, forging alliances with various Jedi organizations and steering the Order back toward its core principles.

    The Experiment with Kyber Crystals and His Demise

    One notable aspect of Poloz's tenure was his exploration of Kyber crystals and the Force. This experiment, undertaken with the intention of deepening the Order's understanding of the Force, unfortunately led to his untimely demise. The loss of the Grandmaster deeply impacted the Order, as they mourned a leader who had dedicatedly worked to reunify them after the devastating Civil War.


    Grandmaster Poloz's legacy endures within the Jedi Order, where he is remembered as a devoted Jedi who faced formidable challenges with unwavering resolve. His efforts to rebuild the Order and strengthen its bonds continue to influence the Jedi's commitment to their cause. Despite his tragic end, his memory serves as a reminder of the enduring spirit of the Jedi in their pursuit of peace and knowledge in the galaxy.