Titus Bor

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   Avus Rann
   Titus Bor
  • Titus Bor
    The Eighth Emperor
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Born: Unknown
    Died: N/A
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Family: Bor
    Faction: Sith Empire
    Master(s): Emperor Azrael
    Apprentice(s): Darth Senju Bor
    Darth Orys
    Darth Cheadle Talar
    Darth Xidant Bor
    Darth Weylon

    Emperor Titus Bor, renowned as the eighth Sith Emperor in the post-Sith Triumvirate era, played a pivotal role in reshaping the Sith Empire during his extended reign. Rising from a Field Officer in Imperial Command to the prestigious rank of Emperor's Voice under Emperor Azrael, Bor's leadership style brought about significant changes, including the centralization of authority within the Empire and the reinvigoration of the Imperial War Machine.

    Early Life and Rise to Power

    As an Acolyte in the Sith Academy, Titus Bor showed a great promise of martial prowess. After a brief stint serving under forgotten Sith Lords, the Emperor Azrael, took a keen interest in the young apprentice. Seeing an untapped potential, Azrael brought Titus into his power-structure and cultivated the potential that resided in the prospect.

    As the Emperor apprentice, Titus found his footing extremely swift. Titus Bor made his first mark within the Sith Empire as a dedicated Field Officer in Imperial Command. His prowess on the battlefield and commitment to Sith ideals earned him recognition and respect among his peers.

    Soon Titus rose to be a full-fledged Lord within Imperial Command. As a Senior Officer, he discovered a plot to usurp the Throne. Acting under the Dark Council's sanction, Titus hunted down and slayed the would-be usurper. As a result of his vigor and strength, Titus attained the title of Darth and proceeded to make waves within the Empire.

    His ascension to the rank of Emperor's Voice, under Emperor Azrael, marked a turning point in his career. During this time, Bor and Emperor Azrael expanded the powers and authority granted to the Voice position, allowing him to act as the Emperor's direct representative and spokesperson. A policy which is still maintained in the current Empire. After a swath of diplomatic and militaristic reforms as Voice, the Emperor was ambushed and slain by two of his Dark Councilors.

    Centralization of Power

    Titus believed that the balance of power had been disrupted by the overthrow of Emperor Azrael and sought to restore a sense of order and authority. Bor eventually overthrew Emperor Ace Dovaro, solidifying his inevitable claim to the Imperial Throne.

    Titus' ascension signified a change of times for the Empire. What was a period of strife and turmoil, swiftly turned to an era of redefinition for the Empire. A sense of unification was felt across the Empire, unseen since the usurpation of the Imperial Throne over Avus Rann.

    One of the defining aspects of Emperor Titus Bor's reign was his centralization of authority. He introduced several groundbreaking changes, such as granting absolute power to the Emperor's Voice and the Emperor's Wrath, significantly altering the dynamics of leadership within the Empire. These changes aimed to ensure decisive decision-making and effective governance.

    The Boran Era​

    Emperor Bor implemented a series of sweeping reforms across all aspects of the Sith Empire, from military command to Imperial customs and etiquette. He placed a strong emphasis on combat efficiency, coherency, and team-fighting training within the Imperial Military. This approach sought to address past military failures and ensure the Empire's dominance in galactic conflicts.

    In one of his notable announcements, Emperor Bor expressed a firm commitment to revitalizing the Sith Empire, emphasizing the importance of working coherently and challenging the status quo. He highlighted the roles of the Emperor's Voice and the Emperor's Wrath as embodiments of his will and wisdom.


    Emperor Titus Bor's reign has marked the end of a period of tumult within the Sith Empire. His enduring leadership brought stability and authority to the Imperial Throne, ending a series of short-lived reigns. Under his rule, the Sith Empire regained its strength and unity, forging a path toward the conquest and domination of its adversaries.

    As the longest-reigning Sith Emperor since the era of Avus Rann, Emperor Titus Bor continued to lead the Empire from the dark corridors of Korriban. His determination, decisiveness, and unwavering commitment to the Sith cause have left an indelible mark on the Empire's history, shaping its future as it continues its struggle against the Jedi and its quest for supremacy in the galaxy.

    Eventually, Titus Bor believed his task was completed. Bringing the Sith from the verge of extinction, to what some believe could possibly become the Sith's Second Golden Age. He abdicated the throne, entrusting it to his son and former Voice Cyrus Bor. After some time, Titus departed from Korriban and is believed to have perished on the forested planet of Dxun.
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