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  • Dilbo
    The Fifth Grandmaster
    The Sophic
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Born: Unknown
    Died: N/A
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Family: Baggins
    Faction: Jedi Order
    Master(s): Unknown
    Apprentice(s): Opal
    The legacy of Dilbo T. Baggins, the fifth Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, is one deeply intertwined with dedication, wisdom, and an unyielding commitment to the Jedi way. From his early days as a Jedi Knight Consular, nurturing the growth of Initiates, to his pivotal role as High Consular and Master of the Order, Dilbo's journey is a testament to his unwavering devotion to the Order's principles.

    Dilbo's ascension to Grandmaster came during a challenging period marked by the Second Jedi Civil War. Alongside Grandmaster Zil, he navigated the Order through turbulent times, emphasizing unity and cooperation as the keys to the Jedi's survival. Even after his time as Grandmaster, Dilbo's commitment to the Order remained steadfast. As a beacon of wisdom and leadership, his legacy continues to inspire Jedi, serving as a reminder of the enduring values and principles that define the Jedi Order.

    Early Life​

    Dilbo T. Baggins, a dedicated and wise Jedi, played a pivotal role in the history of the Jedi Order. His journey within the Order began as a devoted Jedi Knight Consular in 6 AFE (After the Founding of the Empire). Throughout his service, Dilbo's commitment to the Order was unwavering. He spent considerable time training and guiding Initiates, nurturing their growth within the Jedi way.

    In 7 AFE, Dilbo was elevated to the esteemed position of Master Consular. During his tenure, he actively worked to bridge the knowledge gap within the Order by spearheading initiatives focused on diplomacy, archiving historical records, and exploring the mysteries of the Force. He was dedicated to educating and nurturing young Jedi, emphasizing the importance of diplomacy, historical understanding, and mastering the Force in their training. His leadership within the Consulars paved the way for the Order's continuous growth and enlightenment.

    The High Consular​

    In 8 AFE, Dilbo ascended to the position of High Consular, a role that saw him represent the Consulars on the Jedi Council. His diplomatic skills and commitment to knowledge made him a natural choice for this crucial role. During his time on the Council, Dilbo played a significant role in one of the Order's most challenging endeavors: the conversion of Emperor Opal. It was a testament to his diplomatic prowess and dedication to the Jedi cause that Opal, a former Sith Emperor, found redemption within the Jedi Order. Dilbo's influence and guidance were instrumental in this pivotal moment in Jedi history.

    The Master of the Order

    Dilbo's journey continued as he rose to become a Master of the Order under the leadership of Grandmaster Zil. During this period, the Jedi Order faced the Second Jedi Civil War, a crisis that tested the Order's unity and strength. Dilbo, along with the Council and Jedi leadership, worked tirelessly to navigate the challenges of the war. He emphasized the need for unity and cooperation among Jedi, believing that only through collective effort could the Order emerge victorious.

    In the aftermath of the war, Dilbo remained committed to rebuilding the Order and restoring its honor. His leadership and wisdom shone brightly during these turbulent times, as he sought to bring the Jedi back to their core principles. Dilbo's vision and unwavering dedication inspired many within the Order, reaffirming their commitment to the Jedi way.

    The Leadership Vote​

    Following the Jedi Civil War, a critical moment arrived when the Order needed to select a new Grandmaster. Dilbo, alongside fellow Jedi Korvas and Poloz, emerged as one of the eligible candidates. Initially, Dilbo gained early support from the Jedi, with his vision and dedication resonating with many. However, the troopers ultimately rallied around Poloz, leading to his election as Grandmaster. Despite this outcome, Dilbo remained steadfast in his commitment to the Jedi cause and supported Poloz valiantly as his second-in-command.

    Term as Grandmaster​

    A significant turning point came when Poloz, the reigning Grandmaster, faced a tragic demise due to an experiment with Kyber crystals. Dilbo, who had worked tirelessly alongside Poloz to rebuild the Order, was compelled to step into the role of Grandmaster. It was a bittersweet moment for Dilbo, as he mourned the loss of his comrade while shouldering the immense responsibility of leading the Jedi Order.

    During his tenure as Grandmaster, Dilbo faced numerous challenges and trials, including the ongoing conflict with the Sith. His leadership was characterized by resilience, unwavering commitment to the Jedi cause, and a deep sense of responsibility. Despite the tumultuous period, he rallied the Jedi to victories against the Sith, upholding the Order's values and principles.

    As the time for the conquest drew near, Dilbo made the difficult decision to step down as Grandmaster. He believed that it was time for new leadership to guide the Order. His announcement was marked by a mix of reflection and dedication to the Jedi, acknowledging the challenges faced during his tenure.


    Dilbo T. Baggins' legacy within the Jedi Order is one of dedication, wisdom, and unwavering commitment. He played pivotal roles as a Master Consular, High Consular, and Master of the Order, leaving an indelible mark on the history of the Order. His influence extended beyond his tenure as Grandmaster, as he continued to support and inspire his fellow Jedi.

    While stepping down from the role of Grandmaster, Dilbo's devotion to the Jedi cause remained unwavering. He encouraged the Order to consider its next leaders carefully, recognizing the importance of strong and capable leadership for the Jedi's future. Dilbo's contributions and leadership left a lasting impact on the Order, guiding it through challenging times and reaffirming its commitment to the light side of the Force. His journey exemplifies the spirit of the Jedi and their tireless pursuit of peace and justice in the galaxy.