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   Avus Rann
   Titus Bor
  • Azrael
    The Sixth Emperor
    The Second
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Born: Unknown
    Died: 8 AFE, Korriban
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Family: Unknown
    Faction: Sith Empire
    Master(s): Unknown
    Apprentice(s): Unknown

    Emperor Azrael, known as the sixth Sith Emperor to rule in the era following the aftermath of the Sith Triumvirate's fall, played a crucial role in the ongoing power struggles within the Sith Empire. Rising from the ranks of Imperial Command, Azrael's ambition and partnership with Darth Marr led to his claim to the Imperial Throne. His reign, referred to as the "Azraelian Era," brought about significant changes within the Sith Empire and the restoration of traditional Imperial customs and etiquette.

    Early Life and Ascension

    Details of Azrael's early life and origins remain shrouded in mystery, a common trait among Sith Lords. He initially served as an officer within Imperial Command, where his strategic prowess and unyielding loyalty to the Sith cause propelled him to prominence. It was during this time that he formed a partnership with Darth Marr, setting the stage for his ascent to power.

    Overthrow of Emperor Opal

    Azrael's determination to claim the Imperial Throne came to the fore when he conspired with Darth Marr to overthrow Emperor Opal. Together, they executed a meticulously planned coup, culminating in Azrael's ascension as the sixth Sith Emperor. This marked the beginning of the Azraelian Era, a period characterized by significant changes in Imperial governance.

    The Azraelian Era

    Emperor Azrael was a staunch advocate for the restoration of traditional Imperial customs and etiquette, a move that harkened back to the policies introduced by Emperor Stosan. Under his reign, strict formalities and titles were reintroduced, emphasizing the Emperor's authority as "His Imperial Majesty" and "His Grace."

    Azrael's rule saw several notable reforms within the Sith Empire. He restructured the Imperial Guard, implementing changes that enhanced its efficiency and discipline. Working closely with his trusted officers, Captain of the Guard Tyran and General Red, he also introduced significant changes to Imperial Command. Deathtrooper Commander Maxim Lukin played a pivotal role in these reforms, reshaping Imperial forces to align with Azrael's vision.

    Legacy and Downfall

    Despite his successes and reforms, Emperor Azrael's reign was marked by turmoil. He finished the ambitious project initiated by his relative, Stosan, to recraft the hilt of Avus Rann for his personal use. This project solidified his connection to Stosan, earning them the colloquial titles of 'The First' and 'The Second' due to their striking similarities.

    Azrael's reign was abruptly ended when he was assassinated while studying the archives without a guard escort. The culprits behind his assassination were revealed to be the brothers Dark Councilor Ace Dovaro and Grand Overseer Pni'Xeus Dovaro, an event that plunged the Sith Empire into further uncertainty.


    Emperor Azrael's legacy, characterized by his ascent from Imperial Command officer to Sith Emperor, his restoration of Imperial customs, and his ambitious reforms, left an indelible mark on the history of the Sith Empire. His rule during the Azraelian Era was marked by both progress and instability, ultimately ending in a shocking and enigmatic assassination that continues to be a subject of intrigue and speculation.