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   Avus Rann
   Titus Bor
  • Auditor
    The Second Emperor
    The Paradigm
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Born: Unknown
    Died: 15 AFE, Nar Shaddaa
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Family: Unknown
    Faction: Sith Empire
    Master(s): Avus Rann
    Apprentice(s): Opal
    Ja'kal Lukar
    Auditor stands as a pivotal figure in the complex tapestry of the Sith Empire's history. Rising from the ranks of the Sith hierarchy, he served as Emperor Avus Rann's loyal Emperor's Voice, overseeing the Sphere of Sorcery with unparalleled mastery. After a long and tumultuous reign by Avus Rann, Auditor would ascend to the position of Emperor, marking a new era for the Sith Empire.​

    Early Life and Rise to Power

    Little is known of Auditor's early life, a shroud of secrecy befitting his enigmatic persona. He emerged within the Sith ranks as a formidable practitioner of the dark side of the Force, rising to prominence through his mastery of the arcane arts. As a Sith Lord, he earned the esteemed title of Grand Sorcerer, commanding the Sphere of Sorcery with a cunning intellect and an unwavering dedication to Sith ideals.

    Emperor's Voice and Loyal Servant

    Auditor's defining role within the Sith Empire was his appointment as Emperor Avus Rann's Emperor's Voice. In this capacity, he served as the Emperor's right hand and chief advisor, wielding considerable influence over the Empire's policies and direction. Auditor's tenure in this role witnessed the consolidation of the Sith Empire's power, as well as the expansion of its dominion across the galaxy.

    The Ascension to the Throne

    Following his overthrow of Emperor Avus Rann, Auditor was the sole power in the Empire. His reign as Emperor ushered in a period of transition for the Sith Empire. While Auditor was known for his ruthless pursuit of Sith ideals, his rule was marked by a degree of stability and consolidation within the Sith ranks, and has set the standard for Emperors that succeeded him.

    Downfall and Debate

    One of the most iconic moments in Auditor's life was his duel with Grandmaster Zil, the second Grandmaster of the reborn Jedi Order. This fateful confrontation took place on the precipice of a dark and desolate world, where the destinies of Jedi and Sith hung in the balance. The duel itself remains shrouded in legend, with tales of incredible displays of power on both sides.

    In the end, Auditor was defeated by Grandmaster Zil, marking a rare triumph for the Jedi Order against the Sith. However, the true extent of Auditor's power within the Force remain subjects of debate and intrigue among scholars and Force-sensitive individuals. The only statement these parties concede on details that he ranks among the dominant Force Users across the ages.


    Auditor's legacy is one of contradictions, as he is remembered both as a brilliant Sith Lord who sought to preserve the Sith's brutal and antagonistic way of life, but also a Leader that showed compassion and patience for his subjects. His reign, while marked by moments of oppression and authoritarian rule, also oversaw the Empire's emergence from the shadow of internal strife and external threats through uplifting the next generation.

    Auditor's ultimate fate, following his reign as Emperor, remains a subject of speculation. His enigmatic persona has left a lasting imprint on the annals of Sith history, serving as a testament to the enduring complexity of the Sith's path to power.