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   Avus Rann
   Titus Bor
  • Stosan
    The Third Emperor
    The First
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Born: Unknown
    Died: 7 AFE, Korriban
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Family: Unknown
    Faction: Sith Empire
    Master(s): Vader
    Apprentice(s): Unknown
    Emperor Stosan, the third ruler of the Sith Empire in the post-KOTOR era, assumed power during a period of profound upheaval within the Sith hierarchy. As a former apprentice to Emperor Vader, Stosan's ascent to the Imperial Throne was marked by rivalry and a swift transition of power. His reign was characterized by ambitious reforms in imperial etiquette and a commitment to enforcing proper titles. However, his rule was tragically brief, ending in a dramatic confrontation with Grandmaster Zil.

    Early Life and Apprenticeship

    Stosan's early life remains shrouded in mystery, as is often the case with Sith. He rose through the ranks of the Sith Empire under the tutelage of Darth Vader. Serving as Vader's apprentice, Stosan demonstrated his potential in the dark side of the Force.

    Claim to the Imperial Throne

    When the duel between Grandmaster Zil and Emperor Vader culminated in the latter's demise, both Stosan and Vader claimed the Imperial Throne. The power struggle between master and apprentice marked a tumultuous period for the Sith Empire. However, Vader eventually conceded to Stosan's claim, solidifying Stosan's reign as the third Sith Emperor.

    Reforms in Imperial Etiquette

    Emperor Stosan initiated significant changes in the customs and etiquette of the Sith Empire. He imposed a strict hierarchy of titles, demanding that he be addressed only as 'His Imperial Majesty' and 'His Grace,' as opposed to the more informal 'My Emperor' used in the past. Stosan's emphasis on formality aimed to establish a sense of imperial grandeur and respect.

    Personal Projects

    During his brief rule, Emperor Stosan undertook personal projects, including the recrafting of the lightsaber once wielded by Avus Rann, the first Emperor. These projects highlighted his commitment to the Sith tradition and the preservation of their ancient artifacts.

    Confrontation with Grandmaster Zil

    Emperor Stosan's reign was marred by conflict with the Jedi Order. Grandmaster Zil, renowned as "The Emperor Slayer" for his previous victories over Sith Emperors, challenged Stosan's rule. This confrontation culminated in a fierce battle, mirroring the events that led to the fall of Stosan's predecessors.

    Legacy and Downfall

    Emperor Stosan's legacy is marked by his ambitious reforms and short-lived rule. His commitment to enforcing formalities and proper titles left an indelible mark on the Empire's etiquette. However, his swift downfall at the hands of Grandmaster Zil underscores the volatility of leadership within the Sith hierarchy.
    The reign of Emperor Stosan stands as a testament to the ever-changing and treacherous landscape of Sith politics and the constant power struggles that defined the era. His rule, though brief, left a lasting impact on the traditions and customs of the Sith Empire.